Friday, 8 May 2015

overview: prom dress

intention: Initially, I planned to create a denim prom dress out of both recycles and shop bought denim, then embellish the top with assorted flat-back gems and layer the skirt with organza. By taking the traditionally masculine work-wear jacket and transforming it into a contemporary prom dress, I wanted the transformation to signify feminine empowerment over many things including traditional masculine stereotypes such as denim being seen as a masculine fabric. The empowered female would wear this dress with the intention to rebel against the traditional stereotypes, being unique, standing out and being proud to be a female by portraying their own type of femininity.

changes: After creating the denim prom dress (before any embellishments or added fabrics), I realised how basic and quite boring the prom dress looked. In my brief, I wanted to create a surreal  prom dress and I had seemed to forgotten that and therefore, I had to revamp the dress. The first thing I did was remove the denim belt that was attached to the top, then I cut a huge triangle on the waist to add a geometric masculine element to the dress. After I added the boning to it, it had already made a huge difference by it seem eccentric. I then decided to ditch the flat-back gem embellishment for the top and decided to cover it with denim and organza flowers. I decided to let the organza hang to create a fluid surreal fairytale effect. I was insanely pleased with the result of this embellishment, the more I added, the more surreal and magically feminine the prom dress looked. These changes improved the dress significantly and now portray my theme and ideas more clearly. The transformation from masculine to femininity is evident and it also looks like it may have come out of a slightly futuristic version of Cinderella (minus the glass slippers). 

changes: Another change I made, was embellishing the corsages with embellished metal screws. I glued iridescent gems onto the screws then stuck them onto the garment. This enhanced the surreal element of the prom dress by adding that magical sparkle, also emphasising the uniqueness of femininity. I love the fact that you have to observe the dress quite closely to realised that they are actually screws, signifying that the traditional masculine work wear/working man  influence is there but totally transformed that it's almost unrecognisable - because feminine empowerment rules! aka I love this change.

changes: At first i wanted the prom dress to be floor lengthened like traditional prom dresses, but decided to opt for a midi length whilst making the dress. I thought this look made the prom seem more youthful and less traditional - still sticking to the feminine theme, but ultimately empowered.

next time: If I could improve this dress, I perhaps would increase the amount of floral embellishments by covering more of the garment with the denim/organza corsages to enhance the surreal element of the garment. I'd also have more patience when sewing the zip, because it took me three attempts to sew it decently for the prom dress because of how much I struggle doing so. I'd also more denim into the skirt to make it even more ruffles and big. But other than that, I am insanely pleased with the results and the fact that it looks like a prom dress perfect for an empowered female made out of a man's denim jacket! Who'd know!?

(pictures inserted 15/05/15)

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