Wednesday, 13 May 2015

making of installation space

initial idea: At first, I planned to embellish both walls with artificial flowers by sticking them on with a glue gun. Then dangling polaroids from the ceiling, with my mannequin on top of a plinth.

second and final idea: However, after researching pictures of traditional prom backdrops on Google, I saw that the use of fairy lights and organza is the most popular and traditional style and thus thought that this would seem more ideal. Therefore, I planned to to stable fairy-lights onto both walls then layer white pleated organza on top. Then put my mannequin in the centre. I wanted the mannequin to look like it was in a senior prom so that my theme was evident.

here i painted both may walls white

Although my wall had some imperfections, I knew my organza would conceal this.

Here i added the first quarter of the organza, pleating it then stapling it in place. It's 1 metre wide with a 2.5 metre length.

I made a mistake by putting the organza on first, so i struggled sticking on the fairy lights with masking tape.

Using a ladder safely!

I love the result so far.

Using a stapler safely!

Result after I had put up the lights and organza.

I thought that it needed some colour and bough 4 metres of this lilac organza and I think it's help transform the installation with the subtle lilac and aesthetic. Prom's coming to life with the lights on!

I decided to spill some white organza onto the floor to cover the carpet and to complete the prom look! But i have to be careful with the extension cable!

I LOVE the result.

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