Friday, 15 May 2015

overview: cloak

overview: my initial intention when i begun making the cloak was to attach the lilac satin around the whole "top half" of the jacket to create a simple maxi jacket/cloak structure and then embellish the denim with appliqué and cut though. This was slightly inspired by princess jasmine from my bloody chamber research, as a means to eliminate the traditional portrayal of a damsel in distress female by turning a male's jacket into a surreal fairytale cloak with a rough masculine character amongst the ever empowering feminine characteristics amidst fluid fabric, pleats, gathers, pastel colours, appliqué and sparkle. So altogether, it can embody female empowerment.

changes: However, once i started pinning the satin onto the denim, I played around with the shape, drooping the back of the satin to make it look backless and thought that the cloak looked much more prom-like, elegant/feminine and different/surreal for a cloak - going against the norms. If anything, this design aesthetic helps emphasise feminine empowerment because the wearer of the cloak would wear it with the purpose of portraying her pride in her character and gender by standing out and looking very feminine indeed. I love that the denim still adds that masculine niche, portraying the transition from fully traditional masculine jacket, to a fairytale cloak. 

changes: Also, another change I made during the process of creating this cloak is the pleats. At first they were gathers, but then I changed them to pleats because the pleats help create a stronger aesthetic regarding the fluidity of the satin. This definite improved the look of the garment, adding to the feminine appearance. However, the pleats on it's own just didn't look right, it really bothered me that it looked too simple and quite odd. Which is when I experimented with the pleats and thought that smocking would completely enhance the shape and aesthetic of the garments. The diamonds/geometric lines emphasises both the female and masculine influences. I am extremely happy with the result of the smocking, inspired by Victorian gowns as a means to enhance the female figure. Also, by sewing on the beads also makes the garment look detailed and adds feminine character and elegance.

changes: Another significant change I made was the embroidery. At first, I was going to sew on the floral applique on the front half of the denim then cut through the plain bits of denim left. However, after pinning the applique on, it occurred to me how boring, repetitive and unattractive the garment looked with just the applique. I then referred back to my research on Chanel couture and thought that the crucial thing to do was to intricately embellish it with embroidery. This would enhance the sophistication of femininity, character and the beauty of empowerment. Although, the embroidery took many hours, patience and mistakes, the result looks stunning and 100 times much better than it would've looked with the applique. I really enjoyed doing embroidery for the first time and experimenting with it.

next time: If I could improve this garment, I would experiment more with the embroider by creating different shapes and patterns with the beads and using a wider variety of them. Also, I would embroider more of the garment: the back of the top half denim, more of the frond and also the arms. This would make the garment look even more detailed, delicate and unique: representing an empowered female. I'd also add more smocking onto the pleats and perhaps add more satin to exaggerate the fluid pleats. I'd also finish off the finishings by hemming the skirt and attaching the winged arms to the dress. Also, I'd go over my hand stitching so that the sewing and embellishments were more sevcure. But overall, I am really happy with the results.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

metal nail substitute

I thought to weigh the ruffles down a little (so that they didn't stick out too much), I could attach metal nails to the ends of the ruffles. So this way it both hold the ruffles down and also signify the traditional work wear/working man masculine nature of the denim and how I've managed to transform the traditional look by adding feminine elements and aesthetic. 

However, I thought that it would be very difficult to securely attach the metal nails to the fabric and thought that a great substitute would be spike beads which embody the masculinity of the metal nails and can easily be attached to the fabric securely. I hope this idea works out.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

making part II

making of maxi cloack part one!


The result is great, it's looks exactly like a prom backdrop. However, I've decided to add flowers to highlight the pastel feminine colour scheme and because it's a significant prom detail. Also, i need to add the senior prom banner. This will finish the look.

making of installation space

initial idea: At first, I planned to embellish both walls with artificial flowers by sticking them on with a glue gun. Then dangling polaroids from the ceiling, with my mannequin on top of a plinth.

second and final idea: However, after researching pictures of traditional prom backdrops on Google, I saw that the use of fairy lights and organza is the most popular and traditional style and thus thought that this would seem more ideal. Therefore, I planned to to stable fairy-lights onto both walls then layer white pleated organza on top. Then put my mannequin in the centre. I wanted the mannequin to look like it was in a senior prom so that my theme was evident.

here i painted both may walls white

Although my wall had some imperfections, I knew my organza would conceal this.

Here i added the first quarter of the organza, pleating it then stapling it in place. It's 1 metre wide with a 2.5 metre length.

I made a mistake by putting the organza on first, so i struggled sticking on the fairy lights with masking tape.

Using a ladder safely!

I love the result so far.

Using a stapler safely!

Result after I had put up the lights and organza.

I thought that it needed some colour and bough 4 metres of this lilac organza and I think it's help transform the installation with the subtle lilac and aesthetic. Prom's coming to life with the lights on!

I decided to spill some white organza onto the floor to cover the carpet and to complete the prom look! But i have to be careful with the extension cable!

I LOVE the result.